Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Family Reunion at Bowral

This is my last new post for November and I am rushing this tonight being the last night for the month. Each year I go to a Reunion at the end of November to see my foster brothers and sisters at Bowral.  Dave and I stay Craigeburn, yes I know it is expensive but one of my sisters gets a great discount for us, she is a treasure.  About 40 turned up this year, but to our surprise one of the women who worked there when we were very little turned up this year, she is 84 year old, her name is Daphne.  She remembered me and my twin sister very well, and some new ones came this year.  Michael and Helen again use their place and we are very thankful for it.

Peppers Resort "Craigeburn"  
Shirley, Jenny, John, Daphne, Michael
Diana & Stephanie
 Ron, Dave, Patrick, Willie, James & Dane. 
 My sister Stephanie & Shirley, they might make dancers yet. ha! ha!
Jenny, Daphne and Helena
This is what we called the pavillion, the two photos are the original and in 2011 also Stephanie wow I can't believe how it has changed over the years.  The photo below of the old dunnies is amasing how it has been done up, it was really awful when we were little.

Ooops there we are Diana & Stephanie taking photos inside the loos, how posh these toilets are now.
Good to see they have kept the outside the same, must be under heritage.  Below are the gardens they are beautiful, not like that in our days, it was an orchard.
Love the lonely seat quaint!
A great reunion had by all.

Enjoy your day

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