Monday, 2 November 2015

BARANGAROO Day Out on Sydney Harbour

We decided to go and see the new Barangaroo opening of the public walk way and parks, it was once where ships moored, it had not been used anymore so the developers decided to put a large hotel and casino on part of it. For them to do this they had to fix up a park and access to the public. Barrangaroo is an extended part of Darling Harbour.
Well what a surprise, hubby had already done this area few years earlier, it was his old stomping ground from working on the tugs in Sydney Harbour.

Former Bonds Store

The above building was moved stone by stone from an east west to a north south, because it was in the way of other developments.

The James Craig

They kept all the beautiful sand stone.

The Barangaroo Hotel being built

These houses owned by the State Government are being sold on the open market, occupied by the needy, not good.

The Palisade Hotel

Dave back remonising

WOW! He is game.
Still have some of the narrow lanes in Sydney.
This one of the oldest Hotels in Sydney
Sydney still has of it heritage houses.
Says it all

One of Daves' s ancestors once lived here.
The old and the new.
I could not believe this sign, question, do we have snakes in our city, apparently we do.

Enjoy your day