Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Birthday & Cards

This year my hubby and I were driving up north to see our Daughter, Hubby and family.  They have just moved so we were really looking forward to seeing them.  We drove up on my birthday and stayed a friends place, he made us this wonderful Paella, it was delicious.

 The Chef is in the blue shirt. 
Above: Our friend Moz in England make these wonderful cards for me and hubby, thank you.
While we were up north waiting for our ninth grandchild (eventually having a beautiful girl) it was Mothers' Day and above is a beautiful card from my Daughter, the words outside and in are really touching.
Bye for now

Friday, 26 April 2013

Bits and Pieces + Birthday

This blog is about bits and pieces of what I have taken.  The echidna was just roaming around, I think it is a baby, you don't get to see them like this in suburbia.
Me and My Friends on a morning harbour cruise.
A wax statue of Leo De Caprio at Darling Harbour Sydney, I was there with my friends and thought is was a really good alike.
 I made this recipe and it was delicious.
"Thank you Bill Granger"
Bye for now

Friday, 5 April 2013

Remember These!!

Aaaaah! recognise these, yes they are my perfect set of "CUISENAIRE RODS" original wooden ones, Australian original.  They are all still in working order, my own children are now nearly 40' or just over.
I was cleaning out my cupboard because my grandchildren and great nephews during the Christmas Holidays decided to investigate in my cupboard and alas they found all the games my own kids like to play at Christmas time, such happy memories with their cousins. I then thought oh I must clean it out as it was full of dust and now is it beautifully clean. Some of the games like Monolopy had its day and a couple of other games but overall I was able to still keep quite a few as you can see below. 
 It is going to be wonderful for the next generation to play with these games, as I don't think you can get the originals anymore.

Hope these photos bring back lovely memories for you who look.

Bye for now