Wednesday, 18 January 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR 2012 to all

Well, where do I start, I know I am a bit late but haven't really felt like doing any blog, my mindset is still on holidays even though I don't work I still love the Christmas Holidays. First I started off riding my bicyle to the pool New Years Day morning, when leaving I had noticed I had forgotten my bike keys, I lock my bike up so I won't get knicked, my friend Jan saved the day she drove me to coffee, then we went to my place to get the bike keys, but guess what happened I thought I had one on my car keys, I got down there again but no key, what a huge DORY moment again, and what a way to start a new year, anyway my friend took off and luckily I had taken my mobile phone this time and rang her not for her to come back but to go to my home and get right keys, alas it worked and I have to give a big thanks to my friend, not a good way to start a NEW YEAR.

My next not so good experience was when I was taking down our Christmas Tree, all was going well when I started to clean up the bits on the floor and decided to put the lounge back in its place there on the floor was a snake.  Well as my family would know I absolutely hates snakes, I can't even look at them in a book or see them on Television.  I rang my daughter and her hubby but no one home of either phones, but then my hubby rang by coincedence and I told him, he said stay and keep an eye on it but I couldn't really didn't like to but I suppose I did to make sure he didn't go anywhere.  My daughter rang back and I got her hubby to come over and deal with it.  It turned out to be a "Blind Snake" about 30cm long, I know it wasn't that big but I don't like any of them.  Ben came with his trusty fishing gear and his little snake book, he got the snake into the bucket and put it down in our backyard in the bush.
Our Friend and her beautiful cards she made.
I want to put these photos from really lovely friends in England Moz & Mick, they send us the most beautiful cards, Moz does them all by hand, my husband get great birthdays as well, see below.
My husband love history as you can see by these beautiful birthday cards.

Hear is a couple of bit and pieces found in our yard.
This bird is called a "Channel-Billed Cuckoo.
It is the one that wakes us up nearly every morning with a terrible cukoo noise, sounds like it is choking.

Green Grocer Cicarda, first one we have seen in years, were very common when I was young.

Bye for now