Monday, 30 July 2012

Fun at the Beach with the Grandkids

We minded three of our grandchildren the other weekend, I love the enjoyment the children have when at the beach, we had a wonderful time, we decided to take them to the beach, people who know me know I would rather they didn't get wet, but alas the boys did, I was trying to work out how to get them home to our place in the car sopping wet and full of sand even though they had tried to rinse the sand off.  It's amasing how we have bits and pieces in our cars, I used calico shopping bags for Campbell, he sits on the seat squashed in the middle, Brody in booster on one side, he managed to couple of bags as well and little Layla on the other side, some how we managed the car wasn't saturated.  Pa is doing a good job looking after the kids.
Not bad for a day in Winter.

Bye for now

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Walking Mornings again

I am walking again for 20 days (stitches) not bad so I take my mighty cannon camera with me, I hope you like what I have taken.  On photo of my husband getting ready to go for a row on the Lagoon on the western end.

Below: Photos of the Northern of Lagoon and rockpool

Beautiful Rainbow 

Bye for now

Thursday, 19 July 2012

"Hopewood Children" Family Bus Trip

Our "Hopewood Children Family" still call ourselves children even though we are all over sixty and are now having a bus trip every two years, this year was to Griffith places of interest and surrounding districts, Hillston, Lake Cargelligo, Temora and Cootamundra.  It was a great trip, cold but not too cold, there were seventeen of us, of course the girls love to catch up with chit chat and the boys are not too bad at it either, but we all had lots of laughs.  It was nice to  go out to the country and see it all after the floods, it was looking really good, there was a small area still in flood but everywhere else looked green.  We loved the architecture of some of the towns which were beautiful, they manage to keep their history better than the cities.  Michael managed to hire the local Community Bus from Bowral which is where we started out trip.  Four of us girls managed to get to Bowral by bus and train and stay overnight at one of our brothers place for the night, thankyou Peter.


Griffith Art Gallery, below are small squares of quilting on display
I just love Silos, as children we were allowed to play in them on the farm at Bowral where I spent my first six years of life, they were full of corn.
One of the many historic buildings in the country.
We went to a Museum in Griffith, it was the best little village re-enactment that I have seen over the years. Here are some of the pictures I took.
Some of us taking a ride on the little car like the Wiggles.  Below the Italian section, very interesting.
Ah! Memories.
Oh! What memories the "Outdoor Dunny"
Old school satchels.
The goal
My sisters and Me.
One of the views of Griffith
An old water well on our way to the Lake.
One of the beautiful homes across the road from the Lake.

Below are photos on our way home to Bowral, I think near Goulburn
The House on the Hill.

I hope you have enjoyed my photos as I did with my trip.

Bye for now

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Craft & Quilt Show Sydney

My friend Jan and I went to the Craft & Quilt Show in Sydney recently, there were hundreds of extremely inivative works, I am amazed how the human brain can think of so many different way of doing quilting.  I managed to bump into my neice Leanne there, silly us we forgot to get a photo together infront of one of the quilts even though we both had cameras she is an avid quilter herself, maybe next time.  There were different sections, the craft dresses, quilting and the decorated Bras for Cancer, they were just great, below you will se some of them.  I have put many of my favourite photos. 
Jan with her favourite dress
 Above some of the way out dresses done for the Craft side of things.  I love this one the
Licorice All-sorts dress. 
I found that the Japanese quilting exquisite. 
I love this one "Flip Flops" done by a lady in my area
Me with Audrey Hepburn 
Isn't she beautiful!
At each end of the isles are little quilts telling people to keep their hand off!!

I hope you have enjoyed the wonderful works in craft and quilting.

Bye for now