Thursday, 20 October 2011

Another week gone by

I haven't done much since my last posting, last weekend I decided to take lunch to my husband who is getting the other house ready for renting, we have a lovely boatshed at the bottom of the block so I thought it was time for me to ride my bike over to there and take our lunch and coffee had have it at the boatshed.  It was a beautiful day, I haven't rode my bike very much lately because everytime I decide to it says we are going to have showers so I don't go, I know any excuse not to go but I do really bike riding around the lagoon.

How good it is to see a small hobie cat on the lagoon
I have updates on things I have mentioned before, first the dredging, they have been pretty quick, they have finished the first part and are now going to the other side of the bridge.  I have also been doing my squares for charity, I have to stop every now and then because of my rotten arthritis plays up, who said that knitting was good for arthritis fooey.
My next photo is sooooo cute, two babies and mother Butcher Birds, they nested in our backyard, the grandchildren would go down the back and the mother would swoop at them sure enough there were babies in the nest and I told them their mother was protecting them.

Enjoy your day

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Shattering of the Dome in the Queen Victoria Building "WOW"


Last Saturday I went into the City for do my geneolgy and saw on the news the night before about this wonderful art show they were doing to the Dome of the Queen Vic Building.  I will show you all with many of my photos, I think you will be amazed, especially my neice Monique, hope you look to the end.

I want to thank my wonderful canon camera, it also made me aware how old I was getting facing up to the dome bending my back with a back on and my neck for the whole show, it was all worth it as you can see. After the photos I then went to do my geneology found nothing not to worry but then went back to the Queen Vic Building to have a very late lunch, teacake and cappuccino, plus a coughing fit, I took a couple of pics in the building, in all I took 186 photos I am sure you wouldn't want me to put them all on so I have picked what I think would show you how amazing it was.

I went home feeling very happy with myself.

Enjoy your day

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Update of dredging on lagoon

Had Layla for the morning last week, she was sooooooo good for Meggy. On our way to see the diggers Layla wanted to see the ducks, when they got too close she wasn't too sure about it.

The dredging seems to be going good so far, still a long way to go.

Enjoy your day

Monday, 10 October 2011

Morning out with our Son and Grandsons

How nice it is to be back feeling normal, and am so thrilled to be back swimming for a week and yes I am still ok.  Have had a busy time with school holidays and a long weekend included in it.  The long weekend was my busiest as we had Evan, Mel and lovely Thomas and Ben staying with us for five days.  I is a little hectic but I don't mind as I don't see them as much anymore.  Evan and his boys, Meggy & Pa took them on the Manly Ferry and to the Opera House, Thomas had a show to go to.  Dave and I (Meggy & Pa) minded little Benjamin.  Evan suggest that we let Ben run all around the Opera House while he an Thomas went inside to the show so Ben wouldn't miss him, so little Ben ran all around the Opera House and nearly made it to the end but his little legs wouldn't allow him to make it so he climbed into the pram and we then went to the Botannical Gardens for a walk, Ben was great he just sat there the whole time.

After Evan and Thomas came out we went up to the park again this time Evan and the boys had lots of room to play, they had a great time wrestling dad and climbing the roots of the very big fig tree.

I love some of the spring flowers and a couple of status, the last one is from Vanuata, love the paintings on the walkway of the Botannical Gardens, the enormous fig tree.

Enjoy your day