Saturday, 25 February 2012

My Great Nephew's 15th Birthday with Family

Happy 15th Birthday Ethan love Aunty Diana & Uncle Dave
I must say I had a piece of both cakes, they were yummy.
Ethan with his two brothers Archer & Oscar
I was fortunate enough to get a lift up to Mt Vincent with my Neice Monqiue and her family, she is in the pink with her sons Remi & Luca, lovely day with family.

Bye for now

A Busy Day & Evening with Friends

Had a really busy day on Saturday, first I was invited to lunch at a friends place at Cremorne.  Shelly did a really delicious menu for us. I went with my long time friend Jan and there, were some other of Shelley's friends, have a great adventure Shelley.
Lovely table setting.
Absolutely delicious dessert, thanks Shelley.
Photo above from left Shelley who put on the lunch.

A Function on the Dreaded Plastics of all kinds damaging our Oceans
The Queen of Plastic Bags 

Costa from SBS Gardening with the King of Plastic Bags
Tubes of Plastic Rubbish collected from our Oceans.

I would like to see that more people take more care of our environment.  In my area around the Christmas Holidays the rubbish is overwhelming to what it used to be.

Bye for now think of our evironment first.

Friday, 24 February 2012

A Great Day Out On Sydney Harbour

I was invited to go for a day out on Sydney Harbour recently by a long time friend, four of us ladies went to the Sydney Flying Squadron at Kirribilli. We went to watch the sailing races they have on a Saturday afternoon. We went by bus to Wynard walked down to get the ferry across and then walked to the sailing club. While were waiting for us to go out on the ferry to take us to the race we had a really lovely lunch as the club.  Photos of the day on the harbour below:
Jackie, Diana, Jan, Caz and me
View from the verandah of the Sydney Flying Squadron Club
This yacht is called a "Moth" on foils.
One of the yachts from the Squadron Club

Hope you enjoyed the photos


Monday, 13 February 2012

Trip to New Zealand

Dave and I went and visited our Eldest Son Pete and his family in a place called Lake Hawea, Wanaka New Zealand.  We had a really lovely time with them.  Dewi is a great mum and also said she loves being a mum.  Little Indigo is a really beautiful baby and is quite a happy one.  Pete hasn't quite finished building his house yet but will in the future.  He has been working in the Mountains so it makes quite hard to finish.  The weather was quite good, cool a couple of days and very hot a couple, and on the last night it became very windy and pouring with rain, it was really lovely to hear the rain on Pete & Dewi's metal roof as the insulation wasn't in as yet, that night we hoped it wasn't going to continue the next morning as Dave and I were leaving early for the airport.  Alas it was beautiful sunshine and with excitement Snow capped mountains for us to see all the way to the airport which was a really lovely ending to our trip.

View from their Lounge Room
Holly and her dog called "DIS" she named it from the saying
"dis and dat".
Holly being Doctor, she checked Indigo then all of us out, we were all well says Doctor Holly.
Planting of trees for each of us, this one is for Indigo
Day out for the "DUCK RACE" for Charity.
All the little duckies floating about a 3km ride down the river, our little duck didn't win.
I love this one of Holly, she arranged the lovely flowers on the table for our dinner.
Holly's beautiful little sister Indigo about 8 weeks old.
Pete with his bag full of mussels and abalone at a place called Haas West Coast South Island New Zealand we had a really lovely day there while Pete got our dinner.
Pete & Dave cooking up a storm with the mussels and abalone just caught, the meal was delicious.
Here I am trying to cook a one pot dinner on a barbeque, it was yummy, I have never used or cooked on a barbeque before, not bad for a first.
I think this is part of "Lake Hawea" where Pete, Dew, Holly & Indigo live.

Cheers Dizee!!