Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Darwin Northern Terrority Australia Holiday

Oh what can I say. I recommend this for a Holiday, best time is in the dry season, May to September.  The photos below say it all.
 Darwin Waterfront

The V8 car racing on in Darwin while we were there.
Mindle Beach on sunset

Adelaide River Darwin

Below: Kite and Corellas

Below: Termite Mound
Below: Wangi Falls
Below: Florentine Falls
Below: Buey Ponds Dave diving in
 Having a ball.
Cafe in Kakadu, love the upside down pants
Above: Osprey eagle with a fish and two Kites + a cormorant drying itself.
The two photos of sunset not bad seeings I took them from a moving coach.
 This holiday was won of our most memorable in recent years.
Really hope you enjoyed these beautiful photos from Darwin.
Bye for now