Monday, 16 March 2015

Day at La Perause & Bear Island

I decided to ask my hubby to go to La Perause and Bear Island for the day, I had heard on the radio that morning that Bear Island was having music playing all day. So off we went bus on two buses, that was fine but I hadn't checked the weather report. When we got out of the bus it was really hot. We made our way to the island, I was surprised to see a lovely beach that I hadn't seen before. The temperature was getting hotter, we got to the island which is an aboriginal place, we had a look, it was so hot I couldn't appreciate what they had. After there it was time for lunch, first looking at French Monument view to Frenchmens Bay.
On the way home on the Manly Ferry we could see a great thunderstorm coming, we manage not to cop it. photos below.
French Museum
Even though it was such day I am glad we did go.

Bye for now