Wednesday, 20 June 2012

100th Anniversary for Surf Club

North Narrabeen Surf Club has turned 100 years old, there was an organised Formal Dinner for their celebrations.  I don't have any pics of that night, my daughter and her hubby and his parents went as they are members of the Surf Club, I had the great pleasure of minding their three beautiful grandchildren but I was able to get some pics next day, the whole weekend was catered for everyone to go to, had a great afternoon, memories.
LtoR:  I grew up knowing these guys Don, Marcus, Me, David & John who I haven't seen since the late 60's

Eileen (in pink) I have known most of my life, my sister and I use to mind her youngest daughter at the beach, Eileen's Husband (Woofa) was one of the most respected Lifesavers in the club and a great surfboat sweep below.
passed away in December 2008 great person to have known in my life.
LtoR: Marcus, not sure, Don, Mick, Ted, Vic & Ernie.

Ken, John, Vic, Ced, not sure, front: Carl my inlaw
LtoR: Melissa, Ben & Elise & Kirrily.
Kathy & Diana (me)

Enjoyed by all.

Bye for now

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wild & Woolley weather in Sydney

We have had many wild days in Sydney as we did onTuesday and Wednesday nights. Every now and then through winter it happens, the only thing is I can't go swimming at the pool it is too dangerous to go in as you will see in my photos. My Husband and I decided to go down about 9pmTuesday night  to have a look at our lagoon entrance we couldn't believe what we were seeing, the surges went over the road at Ocean Street, cars coming along the road couldn't believe what they were seeing, I didn't know that it ever came over that far. The reason it happened on those nights was a combination of three things, our biggest tied 2.1 metres of the year, even bigger than our Christmas tieds, a full moon and wild weather all at one time.
Narrabeen Lagoon Entrance
I haven't quite mastered night photography as yet, I think you can see how high the water was.
Dave standing in the froth from the high tied Tuesday night.

The pool I swim in everyday is invisible.

Today is Thursday and I had a great swim the surf was still coming through but nowhere as bad as the other day, the water is still quite warm.

Bye for now

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wonderfull Day at Collaroy

Last weekend it was my Neice's Monique 40th birthday, even though the weather was awful we had a really great family day. Almost everyone was there.  I am sure by the photos you would say Monique had a great birthday.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Monique.
Monique and her family.

We also celebrated my Sister & her Hubbys 43rd Wedding Anniversary.
Congratulations on your anniversary
Our latest edition little "Indigo", Pete & Dewi over from New Zealand and hopefully here for good and the great cook is Monique's husband Nick.
Dave, Me & georgeous "Indigo" our 7th grandchild
Monique little brother & partner
Me and my twin sister.
Monique's sister Leanne,  her hubby other family.
 Layla playing patient with her brothers.

I really think everyone had a great time, we really love family get togethers.

Bye for now

Saturday, 2 June 2012

"VIVID LIGHT" show around Sydney Harbour

What an amazing night Dave and I had, as you can see by the photos how Sydney City was changed with an absolutely great light show called "VIVID".  The show is done by a German company.  After me frantically getting as many photos as I can the battery went flat we decided to have dinner under what we call the "Toaster",(units) it was a fish resturant, I had spagetti with spanner crab, done with white wine and herbs, Dave has a seafood pie, then dessert persian date brulee, very yummy, sitting on the edge of the harbour.  Photos below are just a small amount of the ones I took, happy snappy.

Above the Opera House like you have never seen it before, Brilliant

Beautiful Harbour Bridge
Custom House Circular Quay
(Below) The Museum of Comtemporary Arts
AMP Building, the first high rise office building in city Sydney.

The above is an interactive piece so people can have a go at doing their own work, looks impressive.
(Below the extras around the Harbour)
This display was a really original one, peoples' voices would come out of it and then the flaps would open and close, one was a child screaming and all the flaps would open.

After dinner we then made our way home on the Manly Ferry and bus, which was waiting for us when we got off the Ferry.

Bye for now


"SORRY DAY" in Narrabeen

Dave and I decided to go the celebrate SORRY DAY at Billarong Reserve Narrabeen, it is something we have done the last couple of years. We have make some lovely Aborigine friends.

Lois & Nancy really friendly women. 
( Sorry for the blurring from my cheap mobile).
Bob Waterer can trace his heritage back to Sarah (Biddy) Wallace a member of the Broken Bay clan led by Bungaree.  This is a book he has written about his ancestory.
Bob's great grandmother Catherine Bens (1838-1920) who was Aborgine was know to the locals as Queen of Scotland Island.
Susan is from Ireland but fully supports the Aborigines Sorry Day
People were encouraged to have their hand prints put on the table cloth.
above I think this poster says it all!!

Enjoyable afternoon by all.

Bye for now