Sunday, 30 December 2012

Another Christmas come and gone

I can not believe how quick the year has gone.  We had a lovely time with my Sisters family this year.  My own family had other families to go to, our oldest Son was able to be with us, one out of three isn't too bad seeing how families get bigger and bigger. I went to the city before Xmas and took a photo of the Christmas Tree in Martin Place in Sydney.
Martin Place
What a beautiful Spider our grandson found it in our backyard. (Yes we did put it back)
Magnificent Bolas Spider, Ordgarius Magnificus.
Family Pre-Xmas BBQ
Georgeous Little Miffy .
 Two of our beautiful Grandsons love to dress up.
Christmas Day Lunch with my Sister and her Family. 
Hope everyone had a great Christmas as I did.

Bye for now
Dizee !!

Friday, 30 November 2012

Great Trip with Hubby

View of Stanwell Park to Wollongong
Hubby and I were asked to go to a 60th Birthday Party in Tasmania.  The great thing was that it fitted in with a lot of other things we need to see and do.  First we decided to drive and go over by boat, on our first night we went via our Son's family down the South Coast, they were expecting third child and so we got to see their lovely new grand-daughter Sari only four hours old, we stayed in Yass that night.  The next day we drove to Melbourne, silly me I asked we change our route curteous of Google my Hubby had done and we ended up in a super duper peak hour traffic, just as bad as Sydney.  We got to St Kilda and stayed the night, next morning we caught up with a long time friend Ashley and spent the day with him and his wife.  Off on the Spirit of Tasmania, it was sooooo flat and calm wonderful as I don't like rough seas, we had a four birth cabin just for us two. 

Convict Bridge built 1838
Sculpture of Tree Trucks 

Convict clip for joining together
Above photos of places on our way to Coles Bay Tasmania

Arrived next morning in Tasmania and drove straight to Coles Bay and Freycinet both beautiful. We stayed for the night at a really beautiful spot at a place called Edge by the Bay, a little wallaby came so close to us but is wasn't really that tame, but the next morning a mother and joey turned up. You can't feed them, they have plenty to eat.  Photos below are where we stayed with a breakfast basket, Wine Glass Bay, and a beautiful spot my favourite Sleepy Bay.
IMG_5426 IMG_5542 IMG_5536 IMG_5535 IMG_5534 IMG_5510 IMG_5493 IMG_5486 IMG_5483 IMG_5480 IMG_5471 IMG_5461 IMG_5455 IMG_5453 IMG_5446 IMG_5435
The above photos of all of Coles Bay, Dinner and Accommodation
On Way to Longford Tasmania
On the way to Longford we decided to stop at the Pancakes Cafe and then the Weldborough Pass Rainforest  walk, we had done the Pass about thirtysomething years ago with our children, wow it has strunk in size, shame as it would be one of the most beautiful places we have been to.

IMG_5567 IMG_5569 IMG_5579 IMG_5574 IMG_5573
Couldn't but take of photo of this great giant rock that some wonderful artist has done.

Longford Tasmania
Above a converted bank into a Bed & Breakfast
Photos below are from an amasing place, they were the Arthur Dynasty two brothers, one was very down to earth and other very wealthy, and certainly showed it by his property.
IMG_5619 IMG_5623
IMG_5604 IMG_5611 IMG_5617 IMG_5601

Woolmers Estate
The Wealthy Brother
IMG_5636 IMG_5631 IMG_5633

This is a bonnet that Convict Women wore.  My sister and I have had one made for our Convict Relative in Tasmania.

The beautiful Macquarie River running right through the property.

Bye for now