Saturday, 31 December 2011

Ah!!! What a terrific Christmas with Family

It was a wonderful Christmas we had with family, it starts from Christmas Eve evening for a BBQ, the next day Christmas Day, then Boxing Day.  I took atleast 322 photos with my mighty canon camera.  It was held at my neice Monique and her families place the next suburb from us.  This year was made easier for her on the Christmas two days, each of us helped out with the doing some preparation with the food, Boxing Day was ours, we went to the netball courts at Curl Curl, Dave and I supplied the picnic lunch for all.  What a wonderful day it was as well, the kids had such a lot of room to ride bikes, scooters and also a great kids playground. 

Christmas Eve
Three of our Grandchildren

Oops out they go, the kids having a wonderful time at Aunty & Uncles place.
Good on you Benny!!
Wow what a shot.
Christmas Day
Another two of our Grandchildren Xmas Morning
Christmas present for Monique from Sister Leanne, our neices.
Yummy Pudding thanks Leanne. 

Below Boxing Day Fun at Curl Curl Park
  Hope you enjoyed you Christmas as we did.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Our Girls' Night Out with long time friends

I organise the "Girls' Night Out" with friends I have known most of my life, we all grew up together in our local area.  I like to keep in touch with them as we have a great time together.  Our last one for year was a couple of weeks ago. 

The first photo we are all being our normal selves, next the usual skylarking, then Robyn take notice of Jan's pants, santas all over them.

Enjoy your day

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lunch with Dave's coffee group "The Old Beach Sprinters"

Dave meets up with his male friends for a coffee when he can, the guys were good beach runners in their day.  They now go for coffee instead of the old days it would have been for a beer.  The coffee group have these get together twice a years a winter and summer one when the wives are invited.

Ken is wearing a Baggy Green shame it is a womens' cricket teams one.  He was also an awsome lifesaver in his day.
A Former Australian Champion 1950's Beach Sprinter and a member of the Australian Ruby Leaque Team.

  Bev, Carol and Diana

 Enjoy your day

Friday, 16 December 2011

My Husbands Great Adventure

My husband was supposed to go to Singapore to check a ship out for Australian conditions, then on Friday 2nd December he received a phone call asking him if he would do a job as Chief Engineer on a big container ship.  Nowing my husband he said yes in a flash, he hasn't been a Chief Engineer for yonks. It is a Danish Ship and has an Indian crew.  He was quite nervous but at the same time excited.  The photos below are the ship, Dave the "Chief Engineer" in overalls, "Chief Engineer" in his formal wear, his cabin, and some of the crew and looking out of the ship at sea.

Two Second Engineers.
The Tug Dave use to work on bringing the ship in, he know the crew on it.

Enjoy your day

Surf Boat Carnival at "Northy"

The other Sunday I went for my everyday swim and when I arrived there was a surf boat carnival in full swing, I didn't have my camera so I went home and got it, I decided I needed to take some photos, I haven't got any of surf boats before, even better I now have a long lense.
Oops one of the boats didn't make it.

Enjoy your day

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Friends over for a SOIREE!

Last Sunday I had fifteen friends over from swimming over for a Soiree, the weather turned out awful, that morning was beautiful when I went for my morning swim, I thought oh goody goody it was going to be fine, but as time went by the sky got darker and darker then a small thunderstorm and windy, luckily I have plastic blinds to put down on my verandah, anyway we had a great time we all did a plate of food each and there was heaps.  The awful weather didn't dampen our spirits.  Sorry I have only one photo as I was enjoying myself too much and needed to make sure my guests were looked after as well.  It was a wonderful time, they all enjoyed themselves. 
Wendy in her funny glasses.

My First Frittata
I decided it was time to make a Frittata, I didn't realise how easy they are to make, I am proud it turned out first time.  I have been putting it off for year, I don't know why as I have made so many dishes for parties over the years.  I have been eating all on my own while my hubby is away, saving cooking very night.

Good to see a long time friend

It was wonderful to see a long time friend "Bulge"I have known him since I was young, he used to come all the way from Balmain every weekend to our local surf club.  He particularly took a shine to one of my foster sisters Helena they became very close friends and still keeps in touch.  I was invited through my daughter's in-laws Sandra and Carl, they knew how much I wanted to see him, he isn't a very well man and doesn't come down the surf club very much anymore.

While we were there a lonely whale going pass.  Sorry couldn't take the photo closer as I didn't have my zoom camera.

Enjoy your day