Sunday, 30 December 2012

Another Christmas come and gone

I can not believe how quick the year has gone.  We had a lovely time with my Sisters family this year.  My own family had other families to go to, our oldest Son was able to be with us, one out of three isn't too bad seeing how families get bigger and bigger. I went to the city before Xmas and took a photo of the Christmas Tree in Martin Place in Sydney.
Martin Place
What a beautiful Spider our grandson found it in our backyard. (Yes we did put it back)
Magnificent Bolas Spider, Ordgarius Magnificus.
Family Pre-Xmas BBQ
Georgeous Little Miffy .
 Two of our beautiful Grandsons love to dress up.
Christmas Day Lunch with my Sister and her Family. 
Hope everyone had a great Christmas as I did.

Bye for now
Dizee !!