Tuesday, 30 August 2011

What a wonderful Sunday

I organised to meet up with my friend Jan at another beach, I was just about to start my walk and all of a sudden a heard of people came towards me and yes it was the Pub to Pub jog, they came by the thousands.  Jan was quite late so I thought I might go back to where I have been walking other days,I took photos before I left, hope you like them.

Now these photos are where I usually walk in the mornings while I can't swim, fancy seeing hopscotch on the road to the pool, and yes I did jump on it, don't get much of this at all.

Still more runners they went on forever.

Then the morning got better, off to a family birthday my great nephews' birthdays Oscar 12 years and Luca 7 years old.  We what a wonderful day we had, all the children eight in all got on great, not one single argument, it is really lovely to see this in families.  Also our nieces Leanne and Monique gave me my belated birthday present I just love them and the present.  The girls know how much I love beach huts.  Leanne is a great quilter and Monique is a great artist although the picture of the sheds in not one of Moniques works we already have one in our home, see last photo.

Enjoy your day!!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Surprise Foggy Morning

Surfing in the fog

I decided to walk from my home this morning, but when I got to the top of my drive alas there was fog, I had heard on the radio about it but didn't think we got it, whow it was thick, but I was still going walking and take photos at the same time as we don't get fog this thick very often.  What a difference from the morning the day before, it was lovely and sunny but it came over cloudy later so I got the best part of it.  The photos below are from yesterday morning.

Enjoy your day!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning

YES and NO not swimming today or for the next 20days, I don't know if I will handle it not doing my swimming every morning.  I had a skin cancer out on my back and I can't stretch the stitches.  I must say it was a beautiful sunny morning, I walked around the lagoon and decided to take photos of the lovely morning and what I saw on my way.  The swing is where the grand-daughter just loves to spend all the time there when we go to this park, and the climbing is the equipment the grandson loves.  I found two hoodies while taking the photos but I decided not to bring them home, hopefully the people will come and get them, they are in very good condition.  I also love the exercise equipment the public can use.

Enjoy your day!!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Out with old Friends

I organise a girls' night out every now and then, we went out last Friday night and we always find things to talk about, it is a Noodle restaurant, great food, I love the Gado Gado noodle salad, it is an Indonesian dish, really scrumptious.

I went out to lunch with friends to this great cafe called "Armchair Collectives" near where I live.  Three of us had lovely food, they also have a lot of goodies to buy, I bought a lovely spotted red teapot.  I need more time to look around next time.

Knitting squares for charity.

Each year the ABC Radio ask people to knit squares to make blankets for the countries that need them, so this year I have decided to start making squares and have a bundle for next years blankets.  I haven't knitted sinces the 80's due to arthritis in the neck and hands plus on a computer all day 5 days a week when I worked, the needles and wool were so heavy then but not for these squares, 10" x 10" or 51-55 stitches, size 4mm or size 8 needles,  you can use any colour wool, so far I done nearly 5 squares seeings I only knit at night.  I know I have used really bright colours but I like them, I have more wool some of it not so bright, I will vary the colours as time goes by.

Went swimming this morning at my local rockpool, the surf was great, it was really cold, but the water got a bit warmer the more I swan but the wind makes it cold when you get out, luckily I have a wetsuit on, then I have a cold shower sometimes the shower is warmer than the pool, I just love it have been doing swimming summer about 12 years and winter this is my 3rd year.  I really look forward to my cappiccino and a chat with friends, there is a lovely lady who asks if she can sit with us because we laugh a lot and it makes her feel good, she tries to get her husband to come but he still goes to work in the city and he is 83 years old.

Next morning went swimming as you would know by now and it was blowing a gale, the seas aren't as rough as I thought they would be.

Enjoy your day!!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Milford Sounds & to visit Pete, Dewi & Holly

Early May we went to Milford Sounds, which was beautiful, we stayed at the beautiful beechwood lodge, certainly recommend it, it is right across from a huge lake, we go over to New Zealand to see our Son & Family who live in Lake Hawea, they are building a brand new house, it is also great to see our lovely grand-daughter Holly, she is nearly 6 years old, normally we go there straight away, I never got to see Milford Sounds, now I am glad I have.  We visited his block of land to see him start to build his house, my husband and other workers helped, I noticed an unusual plant, I asked our son what it was, he said it was a five star mushroom.  It was interesting to watch Pete building his new home.

Enjoy your day!!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Our Trip to Melbourne

It is a funny thing how things happen to end going to a place even though you weren't even comtemplating going there in the first place.  While my husband and I were on a bus to go to a celebration at a place called  "Currawong"  there was a lady sitting in front of us, she asked if were going to it, we were, her name is Marie.  She started to talk to us and amasingly she had been in the same group very similar to my husband had been in (she lived in Melbourne and he lived Sydney in the 50's), she named some people and he knew some of them, she then invitied us to go to visit her in Melbourne, lovely lady.  We had a great celebration even though it rained quite a lot, she stayed the night there.
So when we got home we decided to go to Melbourne for 4 days.  We stayed in a great hotel the "Intercontinental", it has the old and new building designed together like the one in Sydney. 
We went down to Melbourne by train "CityLink" overnight.  I would not recommend it to anyone as it was so noisy and also scary with rocking very quite a bit, we arrived in Melbourne about 7-35am, we went straight to the hotel and we were in  luck no one was previously staying in our booked room so we were able to go there straight away, it was really good to relax and shower and the off we went for the day, we decided to go to  Frankston on the train.  We had to look for a chemist as my husband had blisters from new boots, and yes he did wear them before going there, but sometimes it take a bit longer to wear them in, anyway we got to have a good look there, I wanted to see the water so off we went looking for somewhere to eat on the beach, there was a resturant called "Waves" the only eating place there.  The lunch was really good I would recommended to anyone and also view of "Port Phillip Bay".  Outside the Hotel there were statues of a family, looks like they are happy to see their father and husband.


 Frankston & Waves Resturant

Melbourne Street Mosaics

While we were there we decided to see "Tutankhamun", what a great exhibition, we took ages to see the lot, my husband just loves ancient history so he was in his element.

 We also went and saw the "Vienna Art Design", I wasn't that impressed with although I learnt something about a group of artist in Vienna  around early 1900's.  A little over 100 years ago in Vienna, Austria, a group of radical young creators and thinkers overturned all the rules and created a brave new world. Vienna: Art & Design explores this extraordinary period.

Below Melbourne Museum

We then went and stayed with Marie (Currawong lady) and her husband for the weekend, they took us about and 1hours drive to place called "Camp Eureka" which has being going since the 1950's.  It is near the Dandenongs lovely bush land, the wild flowers just coming out.

Great Idea

Bush Huts where you sleep

The weekend was a great success by all.

Enjoy your day