Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ladies' Day Fundraising at the Local School

The School where my Daughter's two boys (our grandsons) go to, decided to have womens only stalls for fundraising.  Elise wan on the flower stall, there was a High Tea stall, Jewelery stall, Clothes stall, in which I purchased a lovely blue jumper, of course blue is my favourite colour, Tupperware Stall and many others.   Just a couple of photos to show you.
Elise and Louise at the "Flower Stall"
"The High Tea Stall"
My Lovely Jumper looks great on.

I haven't heard how much money they made but I'm sure they did very well.

Bye for now

Volunteers' Night Awards

My Husband and I went to the volunteers night in our area, it is one of the nights I love to go to.  I take my hat off to these people who give up their spare time to help others. There was an extra award this year for the longest serving volunteers fifteen years and over, quite a group.  One in the group was a sports teacher at the local High School I went to.  She asked me my name and I told her and she couldn't believe it, she remembered me and my twin sister. Sad to say I only remember the other sports teacher who we had Coralie Allsop.

The teacher was a Miss Sunny Lee, but she is now Mrs Sunny Bidner
The wonderful volunteers Sunny on end of front row.
Doug and Sandy Menzies are a remarkable couple, they are Surf Lifesaving volunteers and they also help the disable to surf.

Three Cheers for the Volunteers

Bye for now

Saturday, 26 May 2012


Busy Busy, now a trip to the Blue Mountains, a friend of ours asked if we would go up there with her for the day as she hasn't been there for over 20 years, and of course we said yes, even though we have been lots and lots of times.  While driving to Katoomba we decided to stop for a coffee, next door was a Mens' Shed, they recommended us to go to "Wentworth Falls" so off we went but we decided to detour to the "Norman Lindsay Gallery".  I am so glad we did, every time we were going to go it was closed, not this time.  You will see by the photos below what lovely it place is, all the statues at the Gallery we done by him.  What an amazing Artist.

This statue has a shower head for the fountain, must have into recycling.
Norman Lindsay's art studio, left the excactly the same when he died.
Beautiful Autumn Trees
Left to right:  Bill Kelty, David, Diana & friend Dianne having lunch at the gallery.
And of course one of Norman Lindsay famous book "The Magic Pudding".

Wentworth Falls

What a fabulous view you get from the lookout for the "Wentworth Falls".

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3 Billy Lids Birthdays

Each year we have 3 of the grandchildrens' birthday together, this year it was held at Billarong Reserve on beautiful Narrabeen Lagoon. What can I say, it was a wonderful day, most of the family were there. It was our grandchildren Thomas turning 4 Layla turning 3, and great nephew Remi turning 4 years. The Mums made incredible cakes for each of them.

Layla's cake
Thomas's cake
Remi's cake
Very excited kids waiting to have cake yum, yum.
I think the sunglasses have it!
It is time to run off the cake, even the little ones are too. The cakes were delicious.
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Wednesday, 16 May 2012


on my Birthday 
The next day was my Birthday we went to KANGAROO ISLAND, 'wow' what a lovely island that is. They are very environmental on all aspects. We did a tour for the day, bus pick up at 6-20am a two hour drive to ferry and the a 45minute ride to the Island and a full day bus trip around the island with a great tour guide Kevin, he had great knowledge of the island as he was once a farmer himself there, we got the boat back about 7-30pm and then bus back to Adelaide city arriving at 10-45pm. We certainly recommend a trip to their Island.
Ferry to Kangaroo Island (Sealink)
Myself with the lovely Sea Lions
He was checking us out. You aren't allowed too close.
Lazy creatures, but still beautiful
The saying goes "Silly old Galah"
Kangaroos on the Island are a smaller than on the mainland
Makes Dave look small, facinating place, full of different landscapes.
The Island has so many beautiful views.
Amasing Rock formation
As we were leaving to see the New Zealand Fur Seals they have this basket to show everyone what rubish is going into the ocean that hurts the wildlife there, makes you think.

While on the Island for my Birthday an Australian Horse called "BLACK CAVIAR" won in Adelaide, she had now won 20 races from 20, since then she won again in Adelaide now 21 out of 21 races.  She is going over to England to race for the "Queen's Jubilee" good on you Black Caviar.

Back to Adelaide
The next day Sunday morning we decidede to go to Glenelg Adelaide.  We haven't been there since our son Evan did springboard diving championships 26 years.  It still look similar only now with high rise all along the coast.  It was a nice feeling going back to have a look.
Quirky piano
Back to Adelaide City there was a Food & Wine Festival (how nice to put on such a great event for us).  It was packed with people all along the river.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as it was just down from our hotel "Intercontinental" so we didn't have to drive.  Oh! by the way if you are a senior they allow anyone from any state to use their card.  We didn't pay any fare the whole time we were there except for the day tour to Kangaroo Island.  Even going to Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills was free.  During the week 9-30am to 3pm it is free and free all weekend.

Memories for Dave

No it isn't Venice Italy love Gondolas   (below) I beautiful swans
Looks delicious enough to eat, guess where I took this one. Yes coming out of the ladies, funny place to have an ice cream.

When I arrived home there were birthday cards and pressys for me.

This beautiful card above is hand made by a beautiful friend Mowen in England, thank you again Moz
My family know I love beach sheds.
I hope you have enjoyed my blog on our trip.
Bye for now