Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Whale of a Time "NOT"

Where do I start, on my last blog I stated that I was now swimming, NOT HAPPENING last week and some of this week I was hit by a virus it has knocked me around, I haven't had one like it before.  I couldn't see my grandchildren at all.  I even missed going out to lunch with a long time friend of ours My husband went, my friend and her two daughters and the new grand-daughter, my daughter Elise and her two littles and my niece Monique.  That is as bad as my earlier turn "Amnesia" in May but atleast I don't remember that one. I don't think I like 2011.  I decided to take some photos of my trinkets around the inside of my home instead.  I believe there is an exhibition on surfing in Sydney at the Sydney Museum.

Some of my 60's surfing magazines, oh how times have changed.

My bathing beauties, presents from my long time girlfriend Jan and my lovely daughter-in-law Melissa.

A lovely rug from Peru from my oldest son Pete, he really got the colours right I just love blue.

I love this Turkish tile we have scattered in the lounge room.

I decided if I couldn't go swimming I might as well go for a slow walk around my pool and the entrance of the lagoon and guess what I was able to take photos, they have eventually started dredging the lagoon to take all that unwanted sand out, at last, it is the worst I have ever seen it.  I will give updates on how it goes.

Enjoy your day

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Horray! I am back swimming tomorrow Sunday

This morning was very windy and cool, I decided to walk over the headland one last time for a while as I will be swimming from now on horray!  This will be my last group of photos while I do my morning walks, I don't really like the walking that much, I prefer to swim or bike ride instead, I hope you like them, I am itching to get back to swimming.  I can't take my camera down to the pool as it won't fit in my bag which is very full at the moment with wet suit, towel, flippers and other odds and ends I need, the car park is away from the pool.  I know it sounds stupid that I would wan't to get back to the cold water but I don't really mind it though sometimes it is really cold and I look forward to my cappuccino after.  I hope you like the photos.
I also have our son, wife and two beautiful grandsons staying the weekend, it is really great to have them stay.  During the week I minded our beautiful grand-daughter, she is a pleasure to mind.

It is really lovely at the moment spring has sprung as you can see by the lovely wildflowers.

Ah! my cappuccino

Enjoy your day!!

Layla loves to play in her chair even when she is not eating she tries really hard to undo the clips.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Some of my favourite things around my place

I have just read my neice's blog and am amased how she makes everything look artistic.  I am going to put photos of my favourite things around my place I have taken over time, I am not as artistic and her.

Birds Nest

King Parrot

Bush Turkeys

Blue Tongue Lizard on our verandah

Enjoy your day!!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung at last, I am doing a weeks moring walk instead of each day on the blog.  I took some photos of other tracks I walked this week, hope you like them.  I must say the mornings have been beautiful and sunny even though some of the days ended up cloudy.  On Wednesday the pool was empty, I have never seen the pool being cleaned before.  The next day I walked the bush track to the next beach going north, and today around  my usual area.

What a change in the morning sun while walking

Must keep those wings dry

I forgot to mention now I am having my showers at home everyday usually have one at the pool change sheds, I noticed looking out of my bathroom window into next door, they can't see me, this lovely big flower which I haven't noticed before, so I took a photo excuse the fly screen.

Enjoy your day!!