Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Very Bad Storms in June on the Northern Beaches Sydney

I have seen many a storm from where I live on the Northern Beaches, this one was a doozy. We had been warned about it coming but didn't realize which way the wind and rain was coming. Normally the storms come from the East or the south east, but this time it came from the north east, I have lived here for over sixty five years and have never seen it come from that direction.

The North Narrabeen pool in my photos is the one I swim at every morning, I am so lucky to live in a wonderful place.

This is roughest I have ever seen the pool. The kids love it when it's rough, I sometimes go in when it is rough, but this time.

The Destruction after the storm.
This is the only club I am a member of, the sign on the club door, how ironic, photo below says it all.
Next day was calm, only the destruction left behind.
The pool damaged in the storm, some of the board missing, very serene now.
It is nearly August and some of the houses affected by the storm are still going through the after effects of the storm.

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