Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Broken Hill with my Hopewood Family.

Our family arrange a trip every two years, this year was Broken Hill. We caught the train from Central Station Sydney at 6-18am, we were looking forward to 13 hour train trip. There were about 15 of us, we all get on so great even though aren't related, known since birth, don't do arguments, we are so lucky to have that. We travelled first class which gave us plenty of leg room and we could move around quite freeley. We stopped at some lovely places, names I have never heard of.

Some photos on our way to Broken Hill and a lovely sunset nearing Broken Hill
The accommodation we stayed in was the "Duke of Cornwell".
It was great, kept everyone together, and he owners were wonderful.
A few of my Hopewood Sisters and a Brother having a great trip.
A small idea of what some of the terra ferma looks like.
Below a day trip to Silverton where Mad Max movies were filmed.
The landscape changes quite a lot here in Broken Hill and surrounding areas.
Back in Broken Hill town.
Late in the afternoon we went to see the Sculptures of Broken Hill, and the beautiful sunset
They were done by a few sculptures, quite amazing.
The big red seat above the unused mine.
Lake Menindee has but all dried up.
Waiting for the train, and shaw enough one came along, I have never seen such a long one.
We also went to see Pro Hart, the artist.
Pro Hart loved his cars.
Linda and Tracie put on a delicious high tea on our last afternoon.
The last night.
I hope you have enjoyed the photos as much I did the trip.
Bye for now

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