Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Walking in the Mornings in September + Manly 2012

Here we go again I have had to walk again instead of my swimming.  Same old thing, other tattoo (the sun ones) I am now calling them that because I have little almost white spots on my skin more and more.  I really wish we had known what damage sun baking could have done to us, but alas we didn't so now we are paying for it, so far all is well.  These photos are some I decided to take on my morning walks, I know I have done this before but I decided to go to different places this time in our beautiful area.
One morning while having coffee at the beach I had my camera and managed to get photos of a pod of dolphins.

All my years living around the Lagoon I have never seen so many Pelicans in one place, must be very healthy with fish at the moment.

Off to Manly for a few hours the day was a beautiful sunny day.
Burn Off in the distant
Manly Markets
A walkway is still there, I use to go through as a seventeen old when living in Manly
My yummy salad lunch.
The next day while riding my bike.
A view from where I grew up,  below a couple of old buildings still standing, most have gone.
I must say I did enjoy my walking and bike riding mornings, it gives me a chance to have a really good around my area.

Enjoy your day

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sydney Biennale at Cockatoo Island

While hubbys away I decide to go and play on Cockatoo Island on Sydney Harbour for the day, below many photos of our beautiful harbour and the Island.  Some of the photos are of the working Island and also Art Culture each year, with new displays.

This photo was my lunch yummy, it was Tofu Pad Tai and delicious and it is made fresh.
I had a great day exploring on my in my own time.
Bye for now